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Together Apart Life in Lockdown


How Melbourne united against the coronavirus

 When COVID-19 hit Melbourne harder than a runaway tram, our lives changed – literally overnight. Together Apart: Life in Lockdown gives a rare glimpse into life in lockdown, beautifully capturing the isolation, frustration, hope, humour, and innate human need for togetherness that quickly became part of our daily lives.

Photographed, written and printed in Melbourne, Together Apart is Jude van Daalen and Belinda Jackson’s beautiful black-and-white coffee table book featuring 60 interviews and portraits of people in their neighbourhood: the lollipop lady waiting for the children who never come, a chilling experience of a COVID ward, the families separated by borders.

We also hear, in their own words, from the café owner serving up both caffeine and counselling, the children dreaming of returning to their classrooms after six months of homeschooling, and the little bear hunters rediscovering the rainbows, ancient trees and fairy gardens in their streets as the world slowed.



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