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Together Apart is a coffee table book about life in self-isolation (LiSI) in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Since self-isolation began in March 2020, I’ve been capturing people’s stories in words and photographs. Their stories tell about how they feel being in self-isolation, the struggles they experience, what they do differently now, and whether anything positive has come out of this extraordinary situation in which the world finds itself.

The book shares our experiences of solitude and loss, counterbalanced by the joys of self-discovery and much-needed family time, as well as the rainbows, ancient trees and fairy gardens re-discovered as the world slows.

Together Apart tells the stories of 60 individuals, families and businesses. Each double-page spread features one black-and-white photo and the accompanying story.


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Thank you to all the families and individuals who have contributed to my project to capture this unique time in our lives.

 I would like to offer the pre-sale of this beautiful coffee table book that captures the stories of the people and businesses in our community, sharing stories about how their lives have changed – literally overnight – with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I had the privilege of capturing this time and I would like you to be one of the first to read this book, at a discounted price.

I’ve designed this book to become an heirloom about this time, and a reminder of the truths we have discovered during our lockdowns. Why not order a copy to hold onto your memories?

The Headstanders

Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, quarantine, 2020, isolation – these are words that will sit with us forever now in a way that stirs up emotion. 

The whole world stopped.

For those of us who were lucky enough to stay well, and not lose loved ones – there was a collective breathing out, followed by revaluation of priorities in life. The world changed. Those who lived it will be stirred by the words; but images and stories remind us of just how different everything became virtually overnight.

Our grandparents tell stories of hardship, and the differences in today’s world to theirs – and yet we have so few images to bring those stories to life. I am so grateful to have this gorgeous historical reminder to reflect on myself and to pass down to future generations so they too can have the opportunity to really explore how life changed for the world in 2020.

It is a privilege and joy that Jude van Daalen captured my memories, my story, and my beautiful boys to be part of this amazing collection. All of the images and stories though will remind you of your own journey in 2020, in different ways.

Life will go back to normal – a new improved normal. This book is a glorious reminder of why.



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Together Apart: Life in Lockdown

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Together Apart is a coffee table book about life in lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

This order is a pre-order, you’ll be notified by email (in about 12 weeks), once your book is ready for pick up or to be shipped.

The discounted pre-order price is available only for a limited time.

Every pre-ordered book includes a gift certificate for $100 off your session fee for a portrait experience with The Melbourne Portrait Studio.

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Jude’s idea for her “Life in Self-Isolation” project was fantastic, and having her document my daughter and my time in isolation was very special for us.

Jude’s photos are spectacular and tell each story perfectly. Having this beautiful book portraying so many amazing stories during this crazy time will be treasured for a long time.

Thank you Jude!




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COVID-19-Pandemic Portrait Self-Isolation
Jude van Daalen



Jude van Daalen is a portrait photographer working from her studio in Altona, in Melbourne’s western suburbs. She has over 15 years’ experience telling stories through photography, translating those experiences into gallery-style artwork, and has established her art brand, Van Jude. She originates from Utrecht in the Netherlands, where she also had a thriving photography studio. She began her Life in Self-Isolation (LiSI) project in March 2020, to maintain connection and increase morale within her local community,

The project’s text is edited by journalist Belle Jackson, who has worked as a features writer, finance journalist and currently specialises in travel. When the world is not shut down, she is a columnist for The Age/Sydney Morning Herald’s Traveller section,

Each book has a page for you to add your own story, making it a personalised heirloom for your family to write its own, unique story.

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